SIS was developed according to the information system strategy adopted by the University in 2007, in response to the anticipated challenges due to the newly established 4-year undergraduate programs starting in 2012. SIS is a core package together with some peripheral systems that offers a range of functions, which enables students and relevant staff or faculty members to keep and view academic records, look up and update personal particulars, enroll classes, check class / examination timetable, browse financial information with the University and the advisement report showing the academic progress, and so on.

What's New

Enhancement on Student Data Extraction

Feb 2017

Please note the function of Student Data Extraction in SIS has been enhanced in the following aspects:

1. Selection criteria for searching has included

  • Range selection for cohort term and completion term;
  • Selection of plans up to 5 choices;
  • Selection of other majors (second major students);
  • Selection of Year 9 and "NA".

2. New Output files

  • Subplan/Option/Concentration;
  • Credit transfer.

3. Performance Tuning has been enhanced.

  • Please always note the University Data Privacy Policy on use of person data.

SIS Introduction Training (completed)

Sep 2016

All sessions of SIS training briefing 2016 have been completed.

The introduction powerpoint can be downloaded here.

Problem with Firefox Browser (version 37.0)

Apr 2015   

Please avoid using the new version 37.0 of Firefox browser to access SIS as it will generate an error, the problem is under investigation. In the meantime, please use other web browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer.